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Seda Sakacı Cosmetology Center is an organization that is at the forefront of human health and made personalized applications and is the pioneer of natural therapies.

Holistic and in the world with artificial intelligence technology and integrating a first concept of anti-aging in Turkey, personalized applications, without departing from the light of science with individualized natural therapies has set out with respect to the nature of people.

Believing in the concept of protective beauty, our institution is at your disposal to add a healthy beauty to your life …

We produce the right solution to the problem by analysis

During scientific analysis, tens of measurements such as PH value of skin, Melanin status, temperature, flexibility, hydration, if necessary oxidative stress, degree of acne, degree of wrinkle, pore congestion, sensitivity, brightness, size and depth of spots are made.

Skin, hair and body values, detailed results based on these measurements are prepared individually.

In this way, the needs of the skin, hair and body are determined.

Personalized cosmetic products are prepared with the materials to meet these needs. According to the results obtained in the individual laboratory is prepared with scientific techniques.

Nowadays, Seda Sakacı is developing a domestic and national scientific analyzer. The production of personal cosmetics starts with scientific analysis. Without scientific analysis, it is not known what a person’s body, hair or skin needs.

Seda Sakaci Cosmetology Centers

In these centers, measurements and analysis are made by artificial intelligence technology. Based on the results of these measurements and analyzes, personalized cosmetic products are prepared in Düzce University’s production laboratory where we cooperate and sent to the address of the person.

Seda Sakaci Cosmetology Centers

In these centers, artificial intelligence technology and scientific measurements are carried out. Personalized care practices are performed according to the results. Personal cosmetic products are prepared in the production laboratory with the cooperation of Düzce University and sent to the address.

At Seda Sakacı Cosmetology Application Center application, by using artificial intelligence technology, using natural materials and his / her experience, he applies to the end users with personal rituals in the field of cosmetology.

Who is Seda Sakacı Çelik?

Seda Sakacı, founded by her, continues to serve in Cosmetology Center with her understanding of ’Protective Beauty.

In addition, there is an R&D center in Düzce Technopark with the collaboration of Düzce University, which was established by her.

Seda Sakaci uses the medical and aromatic plants cultivated by the regional farmers and processed by the university as raw material and carries out R&D studies in the laboratory of Teknopark with a personalized concept.

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