3D Scientific Analysis

The production of personal cosmetics starts with scientific analysis. Without scientific analysis, it is not known what a person’s body, hair or skin needs.

Scientific analysis is a type of analysis using highly sensitive devices and artificial intelligence technology.

Scientific analysis is done separately for skin, hair and body.

Each of the analyzes performed by an expert takes about one hour.

What values ​​does scientific analysis give?

During scientific analysis, tens of measurements such as PH value of skin, Melanin status, temperature, flexibility, hydration, if necessary oxidative stress, degree of acne, degree of wrinkle, pore congestion, sensitivity, brightness, size and depth of spots are made.

Skin, hair and body values, detailed results based on these measurements are prepared individually. In this way, the needs of the skin, hair and body are determined.

Personalized cosmetic products are prepared with the materials to meet these needs. These products are completely prepared from medicinal plants and in the laboratory.

Holistic health and beauty can only be provided with personalized care, personalized cosmetics and cosmological blends of beauty, determined by the results of scientific analysis. Please note that the source of the problem cannot be obtained correctly without being properly identified.

Maintenance and remedial work without scientific analysis can cause more harm than good.

Our difference; We prepare smart and strong personalized cosmetic products using medicinal and aromatic plant extracts, plant stem cells, active and active ingredients.

If we all have different fingerprints, our skin, hair and body needs are different.

With the support of technology, we were able to perform these tests through devices with artificial intelligence. We use the natural and intelligent cosmetology for the benefit of nature.

Besides beauty, we can also solve skin, body and hair problems with natural cosmetology. We also prevent people who have problems with their skin, face or body from using chemical-based products. With the natural materials that appear as a result of scientific analysis, we produce solutions by pointing the needs of people.